środa, 26 stycznia 2011

Makkirequ weaves…

first, she collects. waste paper. then she sits down and weaves. of those newspapers. everything that comes to her head. this may be a bracelet, newspaper basket, plateau, the trunk. even a bag for EYL! everything about what she could only think :)

baskets and other things are plaited by traditional methods, just like wicker baskets. what makes Makkirequ‘s work unique? the material. it changes the waste into useful items, that can be real and unique decoration of our living space.

wastepaper construction, reinforced with wire inside, has a surface addictionally preserved with acrylic lacquer. her products are really tough. just look, how makkirequ risk her life, testing the strength of the basket ;)

you can buy things made by Makkirequ, by ordering them directly from her – e-mail: jablko777@wp.pl.
her handicraft you can find in online stores, like: decobazaar, pakamera or “fiu fiu” gallery.
Makkirequ = Magda Godawa. she often takes part in handicraft workshops, and she teaches others how to weave its own basket or braslet from recycled paper, or enything else :)

this weekend she will be taught how to plate with wastepaper, during the workshop which will be held this weekend at Ethno Cafe Bílý Koníček in Warsaw…

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