niedziela, 27 marca 2011

Grzegorz “chequer” Błażko

I haven’t finish with felt, yet. But I have to make a little break.
I couldn’t wait to tell you about “the black and white chequer with dot in the middle of the square” by Błażko any longer.
Błażko chequer catch my eyes when I was looking for wedding rings. My fiance said “No”. He wasn’t ready for such perfection ;)
I haven’t thought about Błażko jewerly for long time, but at the first opportunity I bouhgt one. Square ring. It’s beautiful!

What can I say about the creator? He has original ideas, he is consistent in carrying out his vision. His jewerly is precisely polished. Grzesiek is easy in contact and reliable in terms of supply.

The black and white chequer pattern is his signature. Jewerly by Błażko is massive, geometric. It is particularly popular among artists and punk rock fans. But… this creations are perfect for anyone who likes it.

You can see his work at his own gallery – Blazko Kindery – in Kracow. But also virtually, at his online store. And… he can create something for your own, individual order.

And… OK, maybe to have something from the collection of FREY WILLE is snobbish. But having something from Błażko is really glamour.

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